About Us

LASSIB SocietyLASSIB Society is a not-for-profit organization focussed on ‘Nurturing Next Generation Governance Globally’.

LASSIB Society’s mission is to create and provide the world’s most useful ‘Governance Management’ resource centre and a set of certification programs, available for Individuals, Organizations and Governments at the lowest cost.

Based on the principles on Gandhian Engineering, we deliver cutting edge industry research and enhanced value to the community at large.

LASSIB Society organizes multiple events, enabling face-to-face interactions and virtual interactions among the global community.

Key Notes

  • A number of industry professionals around the world have given a lot of time for this initiative. We thank them from the bottom of the heart for the same
  • Innovation and improvement is a continuous process. We believe in the same at LASSIB Society
  • The idea of reducing cost to end user’s, excites us. If you have interesting ideas for the same, do contact us. It will be our pleasure
  • No initiative is successful without a team. If you are interested in contributing, it will be our pleasure to have you on  board

Association of Knowledge Workers. Lucknow (AKWL)

Association of Knowledge Workers AKWL offers a wide range of services and opportunities for value addition to professionals and executives / entrepreneurs of industry as follows

  • In the 20th century technological progress was driven by convergence of Engineering and Physics which yielded electronics. In the 21st century the hot area will be the convergence of Engineering and Biology .Hence AKWL focus is to facilitate development of Information and communication technology industry and Biotechnology & Agribusiness industry supported by strong academics, R&D organizations, SEZ, Biotech Parks, high tech organizations
  • Social and technical networking of experts and professionals for expanding frontiers of professional knowledge, through member’s meet of specialized forums, and seeking networking with Indian diaspora abroad and Indian developed metros
  • Opportunity to utilize services of AKWL as facilitator for development of enterprises for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • To provide opportunity to members to participate in monthly or bi monthly panel discussion involving experts on a particularly on HRM and ICT etc
  • AKWL as facilitator to member’s self development and enhancement of performance, through research work/ studies, technical knowhow improvement, advance level skills training, patent registration
  • Opportunity for faculty members: to interact with industry executives and entrepreneurs, act as consultant

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